It was early 2012, I caught up with Tony at his brother’s house where we spent the afternoon teaching a small human how to walk. When Tony wasn’t around I ran plans of getting out of town and playing music by the small human. Tony (I’m not sure why I am calling him ‘Tony’ or his niece ‘the small human’, I have never called them by these names before… hmm, interesting) overheard and became quite inquisitive… “What plans”? he uttered out of a mouth stuffed full of fairy bread.
One night I found myself in the back alley talking to the neighborhood cat. I had made up a story of how he robbed people who crossed his house late at night… “This is perhaps why I don’t see you on rainy days… you are inside counting your takings by the fire yes?” Upon sharing some cheese and wine the conversation steered into esotericism and soon after I told the cat, whose name is ‘Prosco’, that “I should do something constructive with my spare time”. Prosco agreed and that night I went to bed with music in my ears. The next day I overheard Jim telling my niece that he wanted to play music in France and Italy… I took the cue.
AWCP started here although Jim and Anthony have been friends since the ages of 5 and 9. As kids Anthony would make Jim muffins with cheese, tomato sauce and a sprinkling of dried oregano and in exchange Jim would let him comb his hair (Anthony assures me that if you had seen Jim’s hair you would want to comb it too). The pair have played in various bands since they were teenagers…
“I like to say that I was well on my way to playing in the NBA until Nirvana came along and fucked up everything for me in the early 90ies”.
“My sister was a massive goth and so I grew up listening to a lot of the Cure and the Smiths and to her ranting on about meat being murder and so on. Come to think of it, im pretty sure that everything that is wrong with me as an adult can be traced back to her influence on me as a child… it really is all her fault”.
AWCP are huge Doors and Beatles fans. They are also lovers of animals, pizza and tacos…
“I don’t really love tacos that much”.
They record their music with iPhones…
“This is true however”.
“We want people to get a feel of the mood and space we were in while recording these songs and think our phones do a pretty awesome job of capturing that. We set up in Jim’s living room and place two or three iPhones around, hit record and play. After we’ve nailed a take, we import the sound files into GarageBand, align and pan them and that’s pretty much it”.
“Obviously the sound quality isn’t going to be radio friendly but the radio aint gonna play us and we’d rather put more effort into the songs than the recording process. The added bonus is that the songs end up sounding pretty much like we played them and that’s all you ever want as a musician. The imperfections, the trams in the background, the cat running up and down the hall, they become some of my favorite parts in the songs listening back”.
“We just want to give the song what it wants. After a while you get a sense of where it wants you to take it. Whether that’s imagined or part of something else entirely we really enjoy that part of the process. Jim’s apartment is a really creative space too, the ideas tend to just flow there”.
“It’s our haven”.
“It is… I will never step foot in another studio again! Unless.. there are animals, pizza and tacos in there”.
“And those little custard tarts you can get with the fruit on top”.